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Article of Volume 3, Issue 3, September 2008

Cultural practices in networked classroom learning environments

Author: Nancy Ares

Abstract: This paper presents results of a case study conducted in secondary mathematics classrooms using a new generation of networked classroom technology (Participatory Simulations). Potential for drawing on youths’ cultural practices in networked learning environments is explored in terms of opportunities for traditionally underserved students to participate in powerful mathematical discourse and practice. As mediated by the networked technology, the multiple modes of participation and opportunities to contribute to the group’s accomplishment of its task served as important avenues for underserved students to bring to bear resources they develop through participating in everyday practices of their communities. The goal is to provide examples of networked activities’ potential for leveraging cultural practices of marginalized groups through pedagogy that invites youth to draw on linguistic resources and interaction patterns they develop as members of cultural groups.

Citation: Ares, N. (2008) Cultural practices in networked classroom learning environments. ijcscl 3 (3)

DOI: 10.1007/s11412-008-9044-6

Preprint: Acrobat-PDF ares_3_3.pdf

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