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Article of Volume 12, Issue 1, March 2017

Experiences, appearances, and interprofessional training: The instructional use of video in post-simulation debriefings

Authors: Elin Johansson, Oskar Lindwall, Hans Rystedt

Abstract: Through close analyses of the interaction that takes place between students and facilitators, this study investigates the instructional use of video in post-simulation debriefings. The empirical material consists of recordings of 40 debriefings that took place after simulation-based training scenarios in health care education. During the debriefings, short video-recorded sequences of the students’ collaboration in the scenarios were shown, after which the facilitators asked the students questions about the teamwork and their performance as displayed in these sequences. The aim of the study is to show: a) how the video is consequential for the ways in which the students talk about the teamwork and their own performance; b) how the facilitators’ questions guide the students’ contributions and collaborative sense making of prior events. Regularly, the facilitators’ questions were posed in terms of “seeing”. The design and sequential environment of the questions made it relevant for the students to comment on how the displayed situations appeared audiovisually and how these appearances contrasted with their experiences from the situation. In this way, the video enabled the students to talk about their own conduct, including their collaboration with their peers, from a third-person perspective. The study highlights the central role of instructions and instructional questions in the debriefings, how the video was used to make the students reconceptualise their performance together with others, and the importance of contributions from fellow students.

Keywords: Simulation-based training, Video feedback, Collaborative learning, Instructional questions, Conversation analysis, Ethnomethodology

Citation: Johansson, E., Lindwall, O., & Rystedt, H. (2017) Experiences, appearances, and interprofessional training: The instructional use of video in post-simulation debriefings. ijcscl 12 (1), pp. 91-112

DOI: 10.1007/s11412-017-9252-z

Preprint: Acrobat-PDF johansson_lindwall_rystedt_12_1.pdf

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