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Article of Volume 1, Issue 4, December 2006

Consistent practices in artifact-mediated collaboration

Authors: Nathan Dwyer, Daniel D. Suthers

Abstract: The design of collaborative representations faces a challenge in integrating theoretical communication models with the context-sensitive and creative practices of human interaction. This paper presents results from a study that identified multiple, invariant communicative practices in how dyads appropriated flexible, paper-based media in discussions of wicked problems. These invariants, identified across media, participants and topics are a promising first step towards creating an abstract model for design that connects representational affordances and communicative functions. The authors identify areas where this model may challenge conventional design wisdom and discuss directions for further research.

Keywords: Descriptive studies, Interactional practices, Representational affordances, Shared workspaces, Video analysis

Citation: Dwyer, N. & Suthers, D. D. (2006) Consistent practices in artifact-mediated collaboration. ijcscl 1 (4)

DOI: 10.1007/s11412-006-9001-1

Preprint: Acrobat-PDF dwyer_1_4.pdf

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