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Article of Volume 1, Issue 1, March 2006

The CSCL community in its first decade: development, continuity, connectivity

Authors: Andrea Kienle, Martin Wessner

Abstract: Ten years of international CSCL conferences (1995–2005) provide an occasion to reflect on the formation of the CSCL community. Based on quantitative analysis of conference proceedings, lists of participants and program committee members, and on qualitative study of policies and motives, this paper offers insights into the growth of the CSCL community in its first decade. The analysis focuses on participation at different levels of the community. In particular, focus is on the continuity of active and passive membership, the geographical distribution, and the international connectivity of the community. Contrary to expectations, only a relatively small number of people have participated continuously in the community. Concerning the geographical distribution, we found that the community is increasingly international in conference participation, authors, and program committees. The international connectivity of the community is also increasing, which can be seen in a growing number of citations and co-authorships across different countries. In order to interpret the results of our quantitative study, we conducted a qualitative, e-mail-based survey. In this survey we wanted to elaborate the policy of the conference organization, the reasons for international co-authorships and the motivations for participation in CSCL conferences. We contacted 84 members of different target groups (organizers, members of international co-authorships, and randomly selected participants on different levels of participation). The findings are suggestive for the further development of the CSCL community.

Keywords: CSCL community, Community analysis, Citation analysis, Social network analysis, Continuity of participation

Citation: Kienle, A. & Wessner, M. (2006) The CSCL Community in its First Decade: Development, Continuity, Connectivity. ijcscl 1 (1)

DOI: 10.1007/s11412-006-6843-5

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