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Article of Volume 5, Issue 3, September 2010

Revealing preconditions for trustful collaboration in CSCL

Author: Anne Gerdes

Abstract: This paper analyses preconditions for trust in virtual learning environments. The concept of trust is discussed with reference to cases reporting trust in cyberspace and through a philosophical clarification holding that trust in the form of self-surrender is a common characteristic of all human co-existence. In virtual learning environments, self-surrender might fail, due to a setting that affords strategic communication and impression management. To obtain the kind of unconditional commitment necessary for learning, one might benefit from the insights from open-source communities, in which self-articulation of goals and volunteerism promote productivity. Balancing free will in connection with study initiatives with inquiry teaching methods might encourage a practice which favours mastery-oriented learning strategies and the seeking of knowledge for its own sake.

Keywords: Trustful collaboration, Learning strategies, Self-surrender, Reflection

Citation: Gerdes, A. (2010) Revealing preconditions for trustful collaboration in CSCL. ijcscl 5 (3), pp. 345

DOI: 10.1007/s11412-010-9090-8

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